Golden Earth’s vision of society is thater SOZIALE

  • Life is growth.
  • Life is living and dying communally in trust, Love and security

Each and every life is worth living. GEV has set itself the core task to act in a balancing way. It is essential to us to support people to live in love and harmony. This support includes the creation of life promoting and learning environments. GE’s view on the social question is:

  • Helping towards self-help
  • Abundance through sharing

WORTHY OF LIVING – LOVABLE – APPRECIATIVE – SYNERGETIC People GoldenEarth Vison is a platform that creates opportunities to connect people with people. As a consequence support is ideally available for any situation in life. Nature GoldenEarth Vison stands behind a sustainable and respectful approach to nature. Animals GoldenEarth Vison is in favor of a loving and cooperative handling with respect to animal welfare. Technology GoldenEarth Vison is for a resource-saving husbanding of Mother Earth and supports sustainability in both energy production and consumption through the conscious use of natural, free energy such as wind power, solar power… We cordially invite you to join us in this vision and offer this platform for you to participate.